Our Story

Techniques and Evaluation by World Traveler and Fishing Tournament Champion Mr. Chris Hunter

“THE Hammerhead Fishing System (HFS) IS THE NEXT BEST THING IN TERMINAL TACKLE,” says Chris Hunter. “When I first saw the HFS, I thought ‘What is this?’ Then experience took over and the WIDE SPECTRUM OF FISHING-(WSF) hit me.”

“Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back.” It can be a spreader bottom rig, enabling anyone to fish a Wide Spectrum of Fishing. It can imitate structure (such as a reef - fish love reefs and that’s why they are often found in and around reefs - the yellow bar and shape imitates the colorful attractiveness and structure of a reef). In addition, the HFS offers the option of multiple hooks and baits. Troll it like a deep-sea spreader for smaller game fish. The list goes on and on! PLUS it can be taken to different habitats.

“I fish single lures all the time and catch my share and have been very successful. The Alabama Rig works too, but every time I went out, we would see schools of fish getting hammered by many game fish.”

“How can I keep my bait in the strike zone long enough to get in on the Action,” Chris Hunter wondered… and the HFS turned out to be the answer.

One day his friend Eric Cohen called and told Chris to try something he invented and is patenting, along with his manufacturing partner Victor Lee, called the Hammerhead Fishing System! Now, you are probably thinking, “Yeah, right” or “Yeah, sure.” That’s okay, because I thought the same at first.

Chris Hunter found out the secrets to catching giant Tarpon and Snook more than 15 years ago and he will share some of them with you! Fish are cold-blooded animals, wasting energy a lot quicker than warm-blooded animals! They will chase and go crazy on a school of baits faster than on a single bait - Fact. Like many living things, they need shelter and food, and when they need to eat they want it as quickly and as efficiently as possible - Fact. The Hammerhead yellow shaped bar offers that structure and a multitude of bait and hook size choices all at one time, and it offers a gourmet meal that no fish can resist.

“Sounds like city folks like me,” says Chris Hunter.

Imagine a Lion or a Tarpon - when they hunt and miss the target, they turn around and wait for another chance later because the food took off.

When a large group or school comes by - “BAM” - straight through I go and eat, says the predator. The HFS gives you multiple targets to present to the fish and keeps them in the ZONE!

The Alabama Rigs moves it through the zone, but the HAMMERHEAD FISHING SYSTEM can move it through the zone, keep it in the zone, and offer a WSF-WIDER SPECTRUM OF FISHING!

Use it as a chicken rig for many snapper. Use it as a multiple worm rigged Carolina rig. Use it for pompano in the surf and instead of one mole crab (a.k.a. sand flea), you give the school moving through four or five! Get the picture yet? How about three or four shad raps spread apart more, searching areas to fish - are you kidding - NO!

When Chris Hunter says it works, friends and clients listen. I think the competition does too! That’s probably why he doesn’t win all the time, but he wins enough. The list of what he has accomplished with Bass and Snook is impressive! Since 1934, The MET Tournament has averaged 30,000-50,000 anglers every year until its final run in 2003. Due to the economy after 9/11, sponsorship dried up for the largest and oldest fishing tournament the world had ever seen.

Chris Hunter was the first and last (though, hopefully it will start again) to win five first places in the Bass Division (all artificial lures only) - two in Spin, one in Plug, one in Fly, and one in 8 lb test line! But wait, he did this from land, with only artificial lures, a line no more than 10 lb. test, and while driving home from work on the side of the road! Others had four months and boats but could not match this feat, opening the door for all kids to try and repeat. “This is why I want the MET back. Children need to break my record and enjoy the same success or more, because records are meant to be broken - and hopefully they will be able to do it inexpensively like me.”

The Keg South Snook Tournament that attracts local and world-renown professionals - Chris Hunter won that too on his first attempt! “Not luck, just wish I would have entered it earlier.” Just ask his partner Capt. Del Pernas, a close friend who was present at the time, when he caught the largest slot size Snook - 32” - in less than 30 minutes into the 24-hour tournament!

Chris Hunter continues the lessons taught to him by all those legends he knows personally to keep the fishing legacy alive - along with the Hammerhead Fishing System! I KNOW this product will increase your catches - GUARANTEED!