The Testimonials

"Schools of fish and multiple baited hooks attract big game fish. The Hammerhead Fishing System is the perfect fishing system for beginners and professionals because it allows you the flexibility and increased opportunity that a great fishing system should allow.

You may have used the Alabama Rig or an Umbrella Rig, but the Hammerhead Fishing System, in my opinion, is superior in many ways. The most important being the flexibility of multiple hook, bait and lure alignments, along with the multiple fishing techniques of casting, trolling, jigging and bottom fishing. This is something that the Alabama Rig and an Umbrella Rig can not do."
- Chris Hunter 5 Time Metropolitan Bass Tournament Champion

"Thank you for creating such a cool fishing tool. It is great for trolling, casting and bottom feeders. I actually snagged two bass at the same time my first time using it. I let my 8 year old son use it and he put 6 baited hooks on it and it was like a feeding frenzy - the smile on his face was priceless. He pulled in sunfish, after sunfish, after sunfish. I was so busy unhooking his catches - I didn't have time to reel in the fish I had caught. Thanks again and I recommend this product."
- Greg P.

"Wow is all I can say. This fishing product works - period. I've tried it with baited hooks and with lures and I have caught fish both ways. My favorite is dropping three lines, two for bottom feeders and one that I cast with lures. I always come home with dinner and extra fish for the freezer. I have not used anything like this - ever."
- Eric C.

"I recommend this product to other fishermen all the time. It has worked very well for me and I have had great success in catching fish. I don't know if it is because there is more bait and the scent draws more fish, but whatever it is, it works. I usually think these things are gimmicks, but I am glad to say that this fishing system is the real deal."
- Karl T.

"Your chances of landing a trophy fish is greatly improved with the Hammerhead Fishing System. I can use it for bottom feeders, for jigging, for casting and for trolling. I use it everytime I fish and with great success."
- Edward P.

"Wow, looks like this will catch a lot of fish."
- A Hammerhead Fishing System Customer

"Many lure means many fish."
- A Hammerhead Fishing System Customer #2

"Ok, I can use this for bait and bottom fish (Snapper, etc.) too."
- A Hammerhead Fishing System Customer #3

"Ok, I see it! Schools of fish attract much bigger Game fish! Pretty cool."
- A Hammerhead Fishing System Customer #4